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Need help with MYOB, QuickBooks or Your Small Business?

Then look no further. This website offers help with all versions of MYOB Accounting software and QuickBooks Accounting, plus provides lots of tips for helping your small business grow.

Need help with MYOB Accounting?

MYOB help can be hard to find in the lonely wee hours of the night when so many small business people are home doing their accounts. That’s when a trusty reference comes in handy! Visit our online bookshop, where you can get great prices and fast delivery for a range of popular business titles, including the bestselling Dummies guides. Discover how to use MYOB Accounting and MYOB Payroll with MYOB for Dummies 8th edition and Making the Most of MYOB Business Software 9th edition, the definitive reference guides that between them have sold over 100,000 copies. Our MYOB Payroll eBook series are increasingly popular and instantly download to your computer to read or print.

A Self-Paced Course for MYOB Software

A Self-Paced Course for MYOB Software by Bronwyn De Losa comes complete with a workbook(featuring 46 exercises and a comprehensive series of "how-to guides") as well as an educational version of MYOB on DVD. The course takes you through the various financial processes of a real business leading you step-by-step through each of the transactions using instruction, exercises and questions.  Entering the transactions directly into MYOB instantly shows students how a transaction appears in ledgers, lists, summaries and reports. This course is perfect for students at TAFE and community colleges, those re-entering the workforce or needing to learn on-the-job, or anyone wishing to learn or update the skills of bookkeeping and MYOB at their own pace. Teacher's guides are free with the purchase of 20 units or more.

Small Business Help and Advice

Bestselling business author Veechi Curtis is one of Australia's most respected authors and business speakers. Purchase her books online, including Bookkeeping for Dummies, Small Business For Dummies, Getting Started in Small Business For Dummies, and Business Plans for Dummies.  Or visit our Small Business Success page for lots of articles about succeeding in small business.

Need QuickBooks help? QuickBooks for Dummies to the rescue

QuickBooks For Dummies explains how to spend less time doing your accounts, and more time on the beach, thereby helping you meet that truly Australian goal. Whether you’re a business owner or manager, or the employee charged with making QuickBooks Accounting work, this friendly guide helps you get going and keeps a smile on your face. Visit our QuickBooks For Dummies page to find out more.

MYOB add ons: discover how to extend MYOB Accounting

MYOB add ons – in other words, other software packages that integrate to one degree or another with MYOB Accounting – enable you to plug the gaps, including custom reports, point-of-sale solutions, and customer relationship management.

Get MYOB Help and QuickBooks Help for free!

Explore our MYOB Help and QuickBooks Help page, where you can download lots of free MYOB help and QuickBooks help documents, including:

* Getting MYOB Accounting files ready for your accountant
* How to use MYOB faster, and smarter
* Speed trick and tips for QuickBooks
* MYOB password recovery – help for lost passwords!
* Testing your knowledge with MYOB and QuickBooks quizzes (discover how to use MYOB and QuickBooks the fun way!).

MYOB forum board

Want to discover how to use MYOB? Visit our busy MYOB forum board and ask any question you like. This forum board is completely free, and enables you to get the help you need. You can ask questions, exchange ideas or offer advice about MYOB Accounting and MYOB Payroll. Independent Certified Consultants moderate both forum boards and contribute expertise to all kinds of different questions.

QuickBooks forum board

Need to know more about how to use QuickBooks? Visit the QuickBooks forum board and ask any question you like. This QuickBooks forum is completely free, and enables you to ask any questions about QuickBooks Accounting, QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier.

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