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Small Business for Dummies

Now in its fourth edition, the popular Small Business for Dummies draws on the practical, down-to-earth style so popular in Veechi's other business titles. Packed with information about starting and growing a business in either Australia or New Zealand, Small Business for Dummies is the essential pocket-companion for anyone wanting to know more about running a small business.

  • Find out what works for you — decide whether to start from scratch, buy an existing business or purchase a franchise. (Click to view an extract from this title about small business survival statistics.)
  • Build a business plan — develop a blueprint for business success with a winning business plan. (Click to view an extract from this title about business start-up capital.)
  • Develop a marketing strategy — find your unique selling point, build your brand and set sales goals. (Click to view an extract from this title about expanding your customer base.)
  • Understand the importance of customer service — deliver beyond expectations, listen to customers and transform complaints into sales
  • Ramp up your management skills — understand your legal obligations as an employer, recruit the best employees and build a great team. (Click to view an extract from this title about becoming an employer.)
  • Succeed online — develop a website, secure high rankings on the search engines, and build online sales
  • Keep your business profitable — understand Profit & Loss reports, manage profit margins and set budgets. (Click here to view an extract from this title about the difference between making a profit, and having cash in the bank.)

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To see if this book is right for you, we are offering a free chapter on "Calculating Margins and Ratios" which gives valuable advice on calculating gross and net profits as well as information to help you understand turnover and return on investment ratios.

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Small Business For Dummies: Product Details and Description

* Paperback: 389 pages
* Publisher: Wiley Publishing Australia Pty Ltd
* ISBN: 978-1-118-22280-5

Small business is big business in Australia! This book is for anyone who yearns to give their entrepreneurial streak a free-reign, but wants sound advice on exactly how to do it. Written specifically for the Australian market, Small Business for Dummies is the ultimate silent business partner. Small Business for Dummies cuts through the red tape, breaks through the market clutter and provides all the essential information on planning, starting up and running a small business. It features entertaining real-life case studies and is jargon-free. All in all, it’s a much needed breath of fresh air for the business book market.

Open Small Business for Dummies to find:

  • Tips for getting into the franchising game
  • How to register your business name and pick a business structure
  • Strategies for creating the right image for your business
  • How to avoid unfair dismissal claims
  • How to build a website that generates both profits and sales
  • Advice on ways to balance your work and your life
  • How to sell your business at the best possible price
  • Special tips for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers