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What should a Letter of Appointment or an Employment Agreement Include? 

Article written by Veechi Curtis

Essentials to include in either your letter of appointment or your employment agreement should include:
  • Your business name and the location of your workplace
  • A big welcome — say how happy you are to have them on board
  • The employee’s name and details
  • The title of the employee’s position 
  • The proposed starting date
  • The rate of pay and any allowances payable, including details of the relevant award and classification (if applicable). (Indicate whether or not the pay rate quoted includes compulsory employer superannuation contributions.) For more about confirming these conditions, see our Employer Checklist page.
  • Employment status (full-time, part-time or casual)
  • Actual hours, including meal breaks, tea breaks and overtime
  • Details of holiday and other leave entitlements
  • When payday is and how you intend to pay (cash, cheque or direct credit)
  • Duration of any probationary period 
  • Termination provisions — under what circumstances can you terminate the employee’s employment, and what period of notice would the person receive?
  • How much notice you require from the employee if they resign
  • Space for the employee to sign acceptance to the terms and conditions of your offer (make sure you get this signed copy on or before commencement)
  • A full job description that outlines duties and responsibilities, and clearly states the need for all employees to comply with your business policies and procedures
Other non-essential points to include in a letter of employment include:
  • An Employee Declaration form
  • Comments regarding confidentiality of information and trade secrets
  • Basic employee details form, detailing important stuff such as bank account details, emergency contacts, super fund details and favourite foods.
  • Restrictions on setting up a competing business during the term of employment or for a reasonable time afterwards.
  • Your company policies regarding Equal Opportunity, Occupational Health & Safety, harassment, bullying and so on.
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