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MYOB Add-Ons

MYOB Accounting now has hundreds of add-on solutions, all of which integrate to one degree or another with MYOB software. The fact that these MYOB add-ons are listed here isn’t necessarily a recommendation — you’ll have to do your own product research and evaluation.

If you’re anxious about going out on a limb with any of these solution providers, go to www.myob.com.au, make your way to their Add-on Solutions page, and see if this provider is listed here. Although developers pay to be included on this page, this payment allows for a two-day quality control assessment by MYOB software, so you can be guaranteed that a certain minimum standard is met.

Construction, job costing and job management

  • BuildLogic is the complete solution for companies in construction to manage their business from quote to invoice. BuildLogic includes modules for Estimating, Contracts Management, Reporting, Project Management, Subcontract Management, Job Costing and MYOB integration. www.buildlogic.com.au
  • JobsPlus helps you take charge of your business by allowing you to manage, track and analyse information relating to jobs, quotes, equipment servicing and other day-to-day business functions. www.jobsplus.net.au
  • JobTalk is designed to manage multiple projects with many steps performed by different team members. The communication screens keep the team informed of the details and status of each job and what needs to be done next. www.jobtalk.com.au
  • SmartTrade’s job management system streamlines front end operations for trade businesses such as electricians and plumbers: managing customers, costing, scheduling, dispatching, ordering and invoicing. www.smarttrade.biz
  • Total Synergy provide practice management solutions for architectural, engineering and construction design professions, covering areas of project management, job costing, billing, contract administration, email and document management. www.totalsynergy.com.au


Customer relationship management

  • EMACS manages a central shared database for all of your day-to-day business information, activities and communications, referenced to your MYOB entities (customers, suppliers, employees and other contacts). www.tamworthit.com.au
  • Intermail provides enterprise-wide email logging, filtering and searching. This software interacts with MYOB, associating contact cards with emails. www.intermail.com.au
  • Legrand CRM is a relatively high-end customer relationship management solution that provides a link to your MYOB company file as well as Outlook integration. www.legrandcrm.com
  • MaxToMYOB have developed a product that integrates MYOB with Maximizer Contact Management and Maximizer Enterprise CRM database solutions. www.rapid.com.au
  • MYOB NetSuite is a web-based application that offers a single, integrated and powerful solution with CRM, ERP and E-Commerce capabilities, automating key business functions across all departments. www.myob.com.au
  • Resolve is a customer care and contact management tool.  Fully integrated with MYOB, it provides end-to-end solutions for organisations processing orders, memberships, subscriptions, financial compensations, promotional activities and more. www.resolvesoftware.com.au
  • SalesforceMYOB is a packaged integration that synchronises data and generates sales orders from opportunities that have been won in Salesforce. www.wdcigroup.net
  • SalesLogix integrates MYOB software with SalesLogix, a customer relationship management solution.  www.customersystems.com.au

  • SugarCRM is a powerful yet flexible CRM available in both hosted & local installations. Innovent's integration allows data transfer between Sugar CRM and MYOB Account Right. Updates scheduled to synchronise information as required between the applications. www.innoventsoftware.com.au/sugarcrm/

  • UCAP CRM is a client relationship and office management tool, with sales, quoting, data mining and contacts modules. UCAP links directly to MYOB providing a secure layer between critical account data and sales staff. www.ucap.biz
  • youGROW is a Customer Relationship Management solution that synchronises client contact and sales information between MYOB Accounting, MYOB RetailManager, Microsoft Outlook and Australia Post’s eParcel delivery service, providing an easy-to-use yet very powerful customer relationship management tool. www.yougrow.com.au


Data Hosting

  • Appserve provide a hosting service that specialises in both MYOB software and Macintosh computers, providing a viable growth option for businesses who use MYOB AccountEdge but need to move to a multi-user environment.  www.appserve.com.au
  • Application Service Provider offers email and website hosting and are an MYOB Approved Hosting Provider.  www.apps.com.au
  • Lock Box is a secure, globally-available, Internet-based storage service that facilitates work flow and business transactions for small to medium-sized business, their partners and clients. www.lock-box.net
  • Ozbeanz host data files for business owners all over Australia. This facility is especially suited to Premier and Premier Enterprise users who have a need for more than one staff member to be logged in at any one time from remote locations.  www.ozbeanzhosting.com.au

Financial Management

  • Calxa Express is the best budget and cashflow forecasting software for small businesses.  It links directly to your accounting system, creating cashflow forecasts in minutes. www.calxa.com

  • Calxa Premier simplifies complex budgeting and cashflow forecasting producing board-ready reports in 1/10 of the time.  Designed for Not-for-Profits and Medium sizes businesses that need a comprehensive tool with the flexibility of creating monthly and multiple year budgets at the departmental and project level.  www.calxa.com

  • CashGuardian provides automated cash flow management, with automated revenue and expense projections using historical MYOB transactions, automated debt collection and full dashboard and reporting. www.primedonline.com

  • Fathom is an online financial analysis and performance reporting tool. Complete with financial KPI analysis, cash flow analysis, profitability analysis, growth analysis, trend analysis, and ‘what if’ analysis. wwwfathomhq.com
  • Quantrix Modeler uses powerful modelling techniques designed for business planning, forecasting, budgeting, risk analysis, multi-dimensional data modelling, business intelligence & reporting. www.censof.com

Financial Modelling

  • Accounts Consolidator combines data from multiple MYOB company files to produce comprehensive head office reports. www.datapel.com
  • Innovent's MYOB data file consolidation is the most powerful and comprehensive on the market.  Proven with up to 60 MYOB files, multi currency, % ownership, intercompany and more.  Easy and user friendly to run as well for checks and reconciliations. www.innoventsoftware.com.au/services/myob-solutions/.


  • EventsPro develops software solutions for conferences, incentives, sporting events, continuing education and association management. It is the system of choice for many of the world's largest corporations, event organisers, colleges and universities. www.amlinkevents.com
  • MYOB RetailHospitality is a customisable touch-screen point of sale (POS) interface, specialising in tracking orders and table management. It is designed if your business needs to allocate people or places (e.g. events management), or run a busy restaurant or food service. www.myob.com.au
  • Reservations is a booking system for hotels, bed and breakfasts, and small inns. It allows unlimited numbers of rooms and rates, and the ability to export guest invoices and payments to MYOB. www.compu-books.com

Integrating MYOB with other applications

  • Business Catalyst--MYOB ReadyMade creates MYOB Item Sales Invoices and Customer Cards from Business Catalyst website orders. www.wdcigroup.net
  • Business Driven Systems specialise in the automated data transfer between MYOB and other applications so that you can save time by avoiding re-keying data, and integrate external business systems automatically with MYOB. www.bdssync.com.au
  • Connectwise integrates seamlessly with MYOB AccountRight providing greater efficiency and accuracy by eliminating manual data entry.  Data transfer includes customer and supplier cards, sales, inventory items, payments, purchases and spend money transactions. www.innoventsoftware.com.au/myob-integration-connectwise/
  • JefTech specialise in business systems integration and have developed several applications that integrate existing operational systems with MYOB software. www.jeftech.com.au

  • OzBiz Solutions are specialists in customised business integration solutions for MYOB users. They also provide tools to enable clients to construct their own integration solution, including a product called MyObjx. www.ozbizsolutions.com.au

Labour Hire

  • CHIP is designed specifically to handle labour hire payroll. The timesheet setup allows employees to be paid and clients invoiced from a single timesheet entry. It also allows employees to work at multiple clients and be paid multiple rates and charged at multiple rates in the same period. www.codehouse.com.au
  • Etime Biz tracks directly from timesheet to payment advice and invoice, working either stand-alone or with MYOB data exchange. It also provides supervisors and accountants with summary data. www.e-time.biz
  • ManStat Workforce Management is an integrated solution for the labour hire industry, combining job booking, roster management, CRM and human resources management whilst exporting billing and payroll information to MYOB software. www.reanimotion.com

Manufacturers, warehouse management and wholesalers

  • Barcodes4 is a group of modules which allows customers using MYOB AccountRight to improve their inventory management.  Modules include barcode printing, stocktaking, scan picking or scan packing and proof of delivery.  The modules all utilise the MYOB Inventory Module and help improve productivity.  www.thericgroup.com.au
  • Datapel Warehouse Management System delivers advanced inventory management, including: multiple users, locations and bins; tracking by batch and serial number; barcoding; guided pick, pack and put-away; special matrix pricing and commission calculators. www.datapel.com
  • IntelliTrack software has four modules: warehouse management, data management, inventory shipping receiving and picking, and an RFID compliance solution. They provide an interface to MYOB software for sales and purchase orders. www.airdata.com.au
  • Intrinsic Software provides manufacturing ERP products, extending MYOB’s inventory functions to include production scheduling, work-in-progress control, full product cosfting, multi-level bills of materials and barcoding throughout. www.intrinsic.com.au
  • Logisteq is a product fulfilment and reporting solution for enterprises shipping products from a variety of warehouse situations.  www.ripteq.com.au
  • Pheenix Scheduler is a job-scheduling program, with sales orders, product builds, dynamic costing, make and purchase lead time reports, capacity planning and labour time entry.  www.nfa.net.au
  • Prion Enterprise is a web-based application that allows orders to be placed online by customers or sales personal remote from the office, uses barcode scanning to assist order picking, allows order tracking and complex pricing structures. www.systemsolutions.com.au
  • SEQOS WMS provides task directed warehouse management facilities for third party logistics providers, fulfilment and distribution centres, and companies with large or complex materials handling, storage and distribution requirements. www.seqos.com

Mobile Staff or Sales Force

  • IDFX provides a range of tools for the mobile sales force, with jobXpress (GPRS enabled handheld devices with incorporated barcode scanners), posXpress (a mobile POS system) and scanXpress (handheld PDAs for capturing customer orders). www.idfx.com.au
  • Mobileezy Business is a Pocket PC and Palm OS electronic docket book application for trade, delivery, sales and consulting businesses. Mobileezy Business replaces handwritten docket, order and delivery books to improve efficiency, and reduce errors. www.mobileezy.com
  • MOBPOS is a mobile sales tool to allow users to take Sales Order, Invoices and Credits in the field and have these transmit into MYOB AccountRight Premier or Enterprise via WIFI or 3G. http://www.thericgroup.com.au
  • My Export Premier PC Software and My Import Premier PC Software imports and exports PDA stock data into and out of all MYOB accounting products. Mini Pos supply a whole range of PDA solutions. www.minipos.com.au
  • Repsmart is a web-based, fully integrated wireless sales and reporting system that links on-the-road sales representatives with head office via hand-held computers. Using a PDA, a sales rep can look up customer history, record details of visits, take customer orders, and more. www.repsmart.com.au
  • Seratec Central is a field service system that includes a customer portal, scheduling capabilities, desktop features and PDA mobile capabilities for field staff. It can track inventory and labour on a per vehicle basis. www.seratec.com.au
  • ServiceCEO business management software enables field service businesses to manage their workflow, from marketing to the initial customer call and scheduling all the way to invoicing and receivables. www.insightdirect.com
  • XmotionTransporta provides small to medium transport operators the ability to integrate billing to their dispatch and transport operations and create same day billing. Completed jobs update MYOB automatically. www.interdev.com.au

Payroll and Human Resources

  • easyEMPLOYER, developed by HRMWEB, is an application that automates and streamlines rostering,  biometric time clocking, staff availability tracking, time & attendance tracking, timesheet management and wage forecasting.  The web based application enables shifts to be checked and sent via email and sms, and also includes an automatic pay rate interpreter that allows payroll to be processed as efficiently as possible. www.easyemployer.com.au www.hrmweb.com.au
  • EVO Online Timesheets, developed by Eduka, provide web-based timesheets and extends to custom project management/job costing systems that connect to MYOB. www.eduka.com
  • MYOB PayrollEnterprise is the next step up from MYOB’s regular payroll, and can cater for up to 1,000 employees. Other add-on payroll products include MYOB Timesheet, MYOB Time and Attendance, MYOB PC Clock, MYOB Electronic Timeclock, MYOB Portable Timeclock, MYOB MyStaff Info and MYOB Employee Information. www.myob.com.au
  • WageLoch Roster and WageLock Time are used to create and print staff rosters which are then used to create timesheets. Combined with an award interpreter, WageLock Time automatically calculates the hours each staff member worked for each penalty rate, and then creates timesheets in MYOB for payroll. www.wageloch.com.au
  • Timesheet Manager is a web-based timesheet data capture and workflow system used by employment agencies, consultants and remote workers to fill in timesheets, with MYOB integration. www.timesheetmanager.com
  • WinHR and WinOHS extend MYOB’s payroll with in-depth occupational health and safety records, rostering software and HR database management, tracking staff training, skills, performance, remuneration, leave and organisational structure. www.favour.com.au

Point of Sale and RetailManager

  • Ecommerce We are experts in X-Cart & ASP.Net Storefront E-commerce website solutions. We can build you a new website, update your current website or link your existing shopping cart through to MYOB. www.innoventsoftware.com.au
  • Donaldsons IT Solutions is an independent consultancy specialising in custom reports for RetailManager. www.glovit.com.au/dits
  • Intermax specialise in barcodes and scanners, and were the first company in Australia to design a stocktake program compatible with RetailManager. This program is compatible with all versions of RetailManager. www.intermax.com.au
  • My Export PC Software and My Import PC Software imports and exports PDA data into and out of RetailManager. Mini Pos have a whole range of stocktaking, retail and warehouse solution. www.minipos.com.au
  • Printthat and Countthat provide barcode label printing software and stocktake/counting for PDAs. www.posshop.com.au
  • myPOS4 allows users to scan products like a supermarket checkout.  myPOS4 accurately records sales through barcode scanning and all sales are imported into MYOB AccountRight Premier or Enterprise utilising the MYOB Inventory Module.  www.myPOS4.com.au
  • RM Traveller and Barcodes 4 simplify day-to-day retail operations in stocktaking, stock ordering, goods receiving, goods returns and stock item enquiries.  Barcodes 4 provides the ability to print barcode labels using barcode printers, and optionally use barcode scanners for order entry, ordering, stocktaking and mobile sales.  www.thericgroup.com

  • Web POS for Premier/Enterprise is a web based Point of Sale application. Quick installation (less than 10 minutes), easy to connect POS Hardware, Cash up reports, sales reports and much more. Scalable for multiple shops and multiple computers in the one shop.www.ibsaust.com

Reporting Solutions

  • Alchemex business intelligence. Ready to use reports with drill down and dashboard. This highly scalable Microsoft Excel-based business intelligence solution provides DIY style reporting by linking to your existing spreadsheets or connecting to other data sources. You can automate reporting and distribution of information, and produce all reports directly into the familiar Microsoft Excel environment. www.alchemex.com
  • BudgetLink Streamline your budget and forecasting processes and reliably generate enterprise level finance reports in Excel with your MYOB data.  Updats your most complex finance reports in Excel with budget and MYOB data on demand, without errors and to your exact requirements. www.accountingaddons.com.au/BudgetLinkHome.phtml
  • Data Day specialise in reports that add-on to your existing MYOB applications using MYOB ReportWriter and displayed with MYOB BusinessAnalyst. Reports can also integrate data from other databases. www.dataday.com.au
  • Innovent has been developing advanced reporting for MYOB AccountRight clients for the past 13 years.  We have reports for all purposes from advanced budgeting, job costing, consolidations and much more.  www.innoventsoftware.com.au/services/myob-solutions/
  • Interactive Reporting is a web-based Business Intelligence solution designed to help organisations better understand the underlying data that drives their business.  This browser based tool allows you, in a few clicks, to pivot and drill-down through your business data and quickly visualise trends, exceptions and patterns. www.censof.com
  • PerfectReports provides an easy-to-use interface for a whole suite of additional reports. AccountingPower also provides a custom report writing service, and an off-the-shelf solution for automating reports that you regularly generate using Microsoft Excel. www.accountingpower.com.au
  • QlikView Business Intelligence & Reporting is designed to provide detailed reporting and analysis across all aspects of an organisation, including business intelligence software, executive dashboards and supply chain analysis.  www.insideinfo.com.au
  • SalesMatrix is a sales analysis tool, allowing to analyse by customer, product or salesperson, within periods to your specification and for your selected values of pricing, margin, volume and many more. www.salesmatrix.com.au
  • SmartReport provides a suite of custom reports downloadable from the web. You can pick and choose the reports you require and only download the ones you need. www.smartreports.com.au

Specific Industries

  • AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY. The Leading Hand is designed to manage automotive workshops with a complete job card and invoicing system, booking and quotation system and detailed vehicle and plant maintenance histories. www.theleadinghand.com
  • CHILDCARE. SmartFees is a comprehensive fees management system developed for Child-Care Centres and Outside School Hours programs. Approved by the Commonwealth Department of Health & Family Services for submission of Childcare Benefit claims. www.smartfees.com.au
  • CURTAINS. Windows on Windows focus on quotations and job tracking for blind and curtain retailers. www.wowsoftware.net.au
  • FOOTWEAR. Solemate produces and supports software solely for fashion and footwear wholesalers and retailers. The software includes single / multi store real time on line reporting by style colour and size with MYOB integration. www.solemate.co.nz
  • LEGAL SERVICES. LEAP Accounting has been designed for small to medium law firms and settlement agents/conveyancers. It handles legal specific accounting such as trust accounting (Law Society examined), disbursements, legal time recording and billing. LEAP Accounting integrates seamlessly with both LEAP Documents and MYOB. www.leap.com.au
  • MEDICAL PRACTICES. Direct CONTROL is an add-on solution for medical practices, integrating prepayments, invoices, receipts, refunds and write-offs into your MYOB company file. www.directcontrol.com.au

  • NOT-FOR-PROFITS.  At Calxa they understand the financial management challenges facing not-for-profits: Complex reporting requirements, enforcing good governance and transparency, and the sheer volume of work for bookkeepers, administrators and auditors.  Calxa Premier is not just a budgeting application but comes with training and support options such as monthly Web Chats and regular Calxa Club network meetings around Australia to assist with capacity building within the sector.  www.calxa.com

Time Management

  • BillQuick 2011 delivers time tracking, project management and billing while supporting professionals working from a PC, on a network and via
    web. True flexibility allows you to exchange data via email, hand-held computers and cell phones from the field. BillQuick and its add-on modules allow a firm to choose and customize capabilities that meet your client and your firm's specific requirement. http://www.billquick.com.au
  • Intertec TimePro is an easy-to-use online time sheet solution that allows time and expense tracking via the web. With its MYOB integration module, Intertec TimePro can automate and streamline the process of creating time-based Invoices in MYOB. www.timesheets.com.au
  • TimeFiler provides a 100% web-based solution for planning staff time efficiently including rostering, timesheets, leave management. www.timefiler.com
  • Timesite provides web-based time and expense billing, with easy integration to MYOB, designed for any business that needs to bill or manage time, including accountants, architects, engineers, IT firms and lawyers. www.timesite.com.au

Webcart integration

  • BigCommerce integrates seamlessly with MYOB AccountRight providing greater efficiency and accuracy by eliminating manual data entry.  This includes customer cards, inventory items, sales and customer payments.  www.innoventsoftware.com.au/myob-integration-bigcommerce/
  • Cat Tech e-commerce suite allows MYOB users to produce on-line catalogues that enable customers to order via the internet. The product supports standard web shopping as well as B2B transactions. www.cattech.biz
  • DataLink OASIS (Online Automated Sales & Inventory System) allows a business to accurately transfer data to and from MYOB and their E-Commerce Online Store. www.datalinkpacific.com.au
  • Ecart provides a web-based shopping cart that allows for custom web development and integrates orders placed on your website with your MYOB company file. www.eduka.com
  • M2J - the first bridge between MYOB and online shop that is designed and developed to allow you to run your online shop directly from MYOB. Fully integrated two-way data streaming. http://www.m2j.com.au
  • StraightSELL is a powerful website, website content management and ecommerce product that has been designed for businesses that are serious about marketing themselves online. www.straightsell.com.au
  • Virtual Merchant provides significant benefits to both small and large businesses that would like to improve customer service, reduce costs, and conduct business online. www.virtualmerchant.com.au
  • X-Cart integrates seamlessly with MYOB AccountRight providing greater efficiency and accuracy by eliminating manual data entry.  This includes customer cards, inventory items, sales and customer payments.  www.innoventsoftware.com.au/services/myob-solutions/

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