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Bookkeeper Job Description

Are you looking for a job description for a bookkeeper, working in your office with MYOB or QuickBooks software? Here's a sample job description that you can cut and paste into Word, and then adapt for your own requirements.

Bookkeeper Job Description Template

Bookkeeper Role: The bookkeeper must have a solid background in accounting and will be responsible for the billing of customers, processing of customer receipts, account management and debt collection, payment of supplier bills, processing of employee pays, bank reconciliations and generation of monthly reports. 

Limitations: In order to maintain financial accountability, this role must not involve the banking or handling of cash funds.
Reporting to: [Insert name and position here]
Hours:  [Insert number of hours per week here]

Bookkeeper key responsibilities and accountabilities

Customer Invoicing and Receipting
•    Bill all customers on a timely basis, filing copies as per documented procedures
•    Ensure any stock alerts regarding low stock levels are notified to stock management immediately
•    Process all online orders received within 48 hours
•    Record customer payments and prepare daily banking
•    Issue customer statements on a monthly basis

Supplier Payments and Expenses
•    Collate supplier invoices into weekly and monthly payment runs, streamlining payment processes wherever possible.
•    Ensure all supplier bills are appropriately authorised for payment, and process payments when authorised.
•    Record supplier payments and office expenses in MYOB/QuickBooks accounting software, coding to appropriate accounts.

Reception Duties
•    Answering telephone when required
•    Welcoming clients
•    Making appointments for clients
Debt Collection
•    Report to partners on a monthly basis as regards overdue accounts.
•    Ensure account statements are sent to all clients with an outstanding balance at least once a month.
•    Chase up overdue accounts via phone, letter and email.
•    Document all account chasing activities in a manner that can be readily accessed and viewed by other staff.

Reconciliations of Key Accounts
•    Reconcile all bank accounts on a fortnightly basis.
•    Reconcile all loan accounts on at least a quarterly basis.

Processing of Payroll
•    Maintain confidential records for all employees, including employment declarations and tax file numbers.
•    Process employee pays, paying electronically into employee accounts.
•    Distribute pay advices to employees, using sealed envelopes.
•    Track employee leave accruals.
•    Reconcile and make monthly PAYG payments.
•    Reconcile and make monthly superannuation payments.
•    Reconcile and prepare payment summaries at end of year.
•    Process end-of-year payroll in MYOB/QuickBooks, with assistance if required, archiving payroll records for a minimum of 7 years.

Budgets and Financial Statements
•    Assist in preparing annual budgets and entering these into MYOB/QuickBooks company file.
•    Make end-of-month journals as required
•    Prepare draft monthly financial statements and email to Accounts Supervisor.
•    Provide additional reports to partners as required
•    Work with Accounts Supervisor to review figures and provide information as requested.

Data Management
•    Liaise with IT Manager to ensure MYOB/QuickBooks company files (both current and archived) are backed up offsite at least once a week.
•    Maintain a subscription to MYOB/QuickBooks software, and update software on an annual basis.

Quarterly Business Activity Statement
•    Assist Accounts Supervisor in the preparation of figures for quarterly Business Activity Statement.

Bookkeeper Qualifications/Attributes

•    Self-directed, highly motivated, reliable
•    At least 3 years experience using MYOB/QuickBooks accounting software

•    Formal qualifications in accounting or bookkeeping
•    Experience processing payroll transactions
•    Typing speed minimum 40 words per minute

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