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Need help with MYOB Accounting or QuickBooks Accounting?

Browse through our ever-growing list of articles below, These articles are all written by Veechi Curtis, business consultant and author, and are available for you to download for free. Alternatively, if you have a question you want to ask Veechi, or our community network of MYOB users, visit our MYOB forum board.

Master MYOB Accounting: 10 Tips for Getting Your MYOB File Ready for Your Accountant

Be prepared for the end of financial year by giving your MYOB company file a health-check. Understand your accounts better, and save money on accounting fees to boot! Click MYOB Accounting End of Year to download.

Discover how to use MYOB: Speed Tricks and Tips

Want to get your work quicker? Here’s a batch of tips to make working with MYOB even swifter and smarter. Click MYOB Speed Tricks to get moving now.

Discover how to use QuickBooks: Speed Tricks and Tips

Speed maniacs have their place in their world. Find out how to making working in QuickBooks a whole lot faster, without compromising accuracy or quality of reports. Click QuickBooks Accounting Tips to download.

End of month and end of year MYOB checklist

Need a checklist for everything you should remember at the end of each month, each quarter or each year? Click MYOB checklist to view Veechi's suggested (and pretty exhaustive!) list of everything you need to check. (If you'd like an Word version of this file, so that you can adapt it to your own business, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask us to send it to you.

MYOB Payroll and QuickBooks Payroll add-on: Calculating the true cost of labour

How much do employees really cost per hour? For example, if you pay an employee $20 and hour, how much does that employee really cost after allowing for sick leave, holiday leave, workers comp and superannuation? This handy Excel spreadsheet explains how to calculate the true cost of labour. Click true cost of labour to download.

MYOB Payroll and QuickBooks Payroll add-on: Calculating leave entitlements

There are as many ways to calculate leave entitlements as there are to cook chicken. Regardless of whether you use MYOB, QuickBooks or other accounting software, this handy Excel spreadsheet helps you convert leave entitlements to percentages and hours per pay period. Click calculating leave entitlements to download.

QuickBooks Quiz:Test your QuickBooks knowledge

Written especially for the latest QuickBooks QBi software, this quiz focuses on setting up QuickBooks and entering sales. Check out your knowledge with these 20 multiple choice questions (answers supplied at the end of the document). Click QuickBooks Quiz to download.

MYOB Quiz: Test your MYOB Accounting knowledge

Written with a focus on sales and getting started, this quick quiz tests your knowledge of MYOB Accounting software with 20 multiple choice questions (answers supplied at the end of the document). Click MYOB Quiz to download.

MYOB Password Recovery

Forgotten your MYOB password? Have you tried every password that you have ever used, the names of your kids, your pets or obscure rugby league teams? It’s amazing what you can retrieve from the dark and dusty shadows of your brain. If you’ve already tried every tactic you can think of, click our MYOB Password Recovery article for a few more tips.

Bookkeeper Job Description

If you're hiring a bookkeeper, we recommend that you provide them with a job description so that it's clear what they're responsible for. This job description is very general in nature, so feel free to adapt it to fit your business. You may even want to use this job description as a basis for questions in the initial job interview, or for performance review later on. Click bookkeeper job description to download this Word document.

Excel on Steroids

There's so much you can do with Excel, but it can be quite daunting setting the spreadsheets up and using the data you put into the spreadsheets effectively.  This free booklet takes you through some of the more complicated tasks in a simplified and straightforward manner and means you'll be whizzing through information a lot more easily (download it here.) Brought to you by alchemex - check out their Microsoft Excel-based business intelligence solutions at www.alchemex.com


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