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Lost MYOB Password?

When I talk about ways to find out your MYOB password, I’m assuming that it’s your Administrator password that you’ve forgotten. If you’ve forgotten any other password, then the easiest solution is just to get the Administrator to reset it. To do this, the Administrator logs in under their password, goes to your User ID, and changes the password to something new.

Recovering your MYOB Password

So, assuming it’s your Administrator password you’ve forgotten, you have four possible courses of action:

  • Try logging on with no password at all. Deceptively simple, but it’s possible that the company file you’re trying to open has never had a password attached to it. Log in with the User ID of ‘Administrator’ and leave the password blank.
  • Try all the obvious stuff. Name of pets, children, favourite foods, pin numbers, and so on. Don’t worry about lower case or upper case, as MYOB isn’t sensitive to whether words are capitalised, or not. (In other words, if my password is ‘Veechi’, MYOB won’t mind if I type in ‘veechi’, ‘VEECHI’ or ‘Veechi’.)
  • Send your file off to MYOB Technical Support. The MYOB Technical Support team can hack into your password and reset it in the blink of an eye. The only problem is that this service usually takes a couple of days and the fee ranges from $49 to $199, depending on whether you subscribe to MYOB support, or not.
  • Visit www.password-service.com. This slightly naughty kind of Web site sells utilities for recovering lost passwords, and includes a special utility for lost MYOB passwords. The price for the full MYOB version, which cracks into all passwords (both Administrator passwords and sub-passwords), is US$29.95. You can also download a free trial version that displays the first character only of the Administrator password, which is often all you need to trigger your memory.

Managing your MYOB Password for the Future

When you’ve got your password back, do briefly consider the whole password management dilemma before moving on. Some comments:

  • Passwords are a pain, but unless you’re the only person who works on your MYOB company file, setting passwords is kinda essential. Otherwise, you lose accountability because you can’t see who did what. Also, for anything but the smallest of businesses, you risk exposing private financial information to unwelcome eyes.
  • Remember that once you’ve set an Administrator password, you can set sub-passwords to define what access individual users have to your company file. For example, you can restrict individuals so they just have access to sales, or to purchases, or whatever.
  • If you change your MYOB password often, remember to document your previous passwords somewhere safe. That way, if you need to restore a backup, especially one for a previous financial year, you’ll be able to. (After all, what chances do you have of remembering your password from five years ago?)


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