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MYOB Payroll

Looking for help with MYOB Payroll?  There are three eBooks that will take you a long way to answering your questions about using MYOB Payroll.

Our eBook guide to starting a new payroll year explains how to balance PAYG tax for the year, how to reconcile wages, how to set up your payment summaries and how to start a new payroll year. You'll also find out about the latest regulations concerning superannuation on payment summaries, and what kinds of super you have to report. At the back of this eBook is an end-of-year payroll checklist that you can work through step-by-step to ensure that you've covered everything.

Click Here For Our Guide to Starting a New Payroll Year

Our superannuation guide for employers explains how to use MYOB software to manage your super obligations as an employer.  It helps you cater for the different super arrangements for different employees and stay within the law at the same time.  The guide takes into account the important Reportable Super Contributions (RESC) changes made in the legislation.

Click Here For Our Guide to Managing Employee Superannuation

Managing holiday and sick pay for employees, and calculating employee annual leave entitlements and personal leave entitlements, is one of the trickiest parts of payroll. Workplace laws are strict in this regard, and you can’t afford to make a mistake. This guide explains everything you need to know, including how to set up MYOB entitlements, how to figure out what each employee is due, how to check that entitlements are calculating correctly, what to do if an employee queries their entitlement balances and how to make Parental Leave payments.

Click Here For Our Guide to Employee Entitlements (including Annual Leave, Personal Leave, RDO's, Parental Leave and more)


For an archive of other frequently asked payroll questions, click here.


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