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Running a Business From Home

Home-based businesses make up almost two-thirds of total small businesses in Australia and New Zealand, reflecting part of an international trend towards more businesses operating from home (a trend that’s presumably partly fuelled by improvements in technology). Home business is the spawning ground from which larger businesses are born, including iconic brands like Billabong, Navman, Pumpkin Patch, TradeMe and many more.

Home-based businesses face their own particular challenges however, whether it’s coping with cornflakes getting spilt on your business contract, or kids howling in the background. For lots of different perspectives on what it means to run a business from home, check out the following:

  • www.businessswap.com.au isn’t about swapping your business with someone else (which sounds kind of enticing some days, I confess). Instead, Business Swap is an international network of professionals and business owners.  Regular meeting, networking and special ‘mastermind’ meeting all help people share their skills and experience, as well as keep each other motivated.
  • www.flyingsolo.com.au is an online resource for anyone going it alone in business.  Visit their site (shown in Figure 1-1) to view over 200 articles, download free tips and tools and sign up for their popular weekly newsletter.
  • www.hbba.biz, the Home Based Business Australia site, includes a handy HBB Networks page that includes a directory of business associations around Australia.
  • www.homebizzbuzz.co.nz, the webpage for Home Business New Zealand, provides info, support and resources to home businesses throughout New Zealand. Lots of articles and handy links make this a great reference.
  • www.smallbiz.nsw.gov.au has a great home-based business resources page, handy even if you don’t live in the rarified atmosphere of NSW.
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