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Your Small Business Success

Veechi Curtis Hello, and welcome to my small business survival page, where you'll find lots of helpful articles about starting and growing your small business. Small business is a huge topic, and so if you have a question that you'd like  to ask that isn't answered anywhere on these pages, please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Running a Business From Home

Home-based businesses make up almost two-thirds of total small businesses in Australia and New Zealand, reflecting part of an international trend towards more businesses operating from home (a trend that’s presumably partly fuelled by improvements in technology). Home business is the spawning ground from which larger businesses are born, including iconic brands like Billabong, Navman, Pumpkin Patch, TradeMe and many more. To read more, click here  ....

What About Business Survival Statistics?

Australians and Kiwis are a pretty entrepreneurial bunch. With a combined population of 25 million (give or take a few), there are almost 2.5 million businesses. But what about business survival? Are all these businesses fly-by-nighters, that start up one year, and are gone the next? Only last week, a business coaching franchise advised a client of mine that 80% of businesses go bust in the first year, and only 8% of businesses survive five years or more. To read on, click here ...

Getting the Government to Help You

You’re paying out all these taxes, so you may as well get something back. The quality of the advice is luck of the draw: Some advisers are great, others are a bit dodgy. However, the government advice is free and can often be just what the doctor ordered. Here’s a summary of what advice is available and where.

Naming Your New Business

Picking names isn’t easy, and there’s no doubt that the choice of a name influences the perceptions of others. In the same way, your business name creates its own personality, and is the first point of contact between you and your customers. Here’s the low-down on the different kinds of business names.

Budgeting Startup Capital For a New Business

Business start-up costs are often much higher than you imagine. If you’re still at the initial planning stage, have a look at the start-up budget in the our startup capital page.

Building Customer Relationships and Expanding Your Customer Base

Customers are to a business what parents, children and siblings are to a family. Without good customer relationships, you have a dysfunctional business sorely in need of therapy. To read more about building good customer relationships and expanding your customer base, click here.

Becoming an Employer: The First Steps

Figuring out what rules and regulations you have to comply with before taking on your first employee can be tricky. Click here for your Employer Checklist.

Creating Job Descriptions for Your Employees

How on earth can your employees ever hope to do what you want if they don’t know what they’re meant to be doing? That’s why it pays to supply every employee with a job description. Click here to find out how.

Drawing up a Letter of Employment or Employment Agreements

What should a Letter of Appointment or an Employment Agreement include? Click here to find out.

Why Your Profit & Loss Report Shows a Profit But You Got No Cash

Why does your Profit & Loss report show a profit yet you've got no cash? The reasons can be many. Click here to gain a better understanding of the difference between profit and cash.

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